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Simms Shaft 502813 for Diesel Injection Pump. Ford, Leyland and Perkins engines

Simms Shaft 502813 for Diesel Injection Pump. Ford, Leyland and Perkins engines

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502813 Control Shaft fitted in Minimec pumps on
 Ford Truck, 
Leyland and Perkins engines

Other Part Numbers (Fits)
LEYLAND 831373
PERKINS 26425077

502813 Spaco Control Shaft fitted in Minimec pumps:
P4741-1 P4742-1 P4742-1A P4816 P4816-A P4816-B P4817 P4817-A P4821 P4821-1 P4821-1A P4821-1B P4821-2 P4821-A P4821-B P4847 P4847-1 P4848 P4848-1 P4849-1 P4849-2 P4852 P4883 P4883-1 P4883-1A P4883-1E P4883-1F P4883-2 P4883-2A P4883-2E P4883-2F P4883-4A P4883-4E P4883-4F P4883-5A P4883-5E P4883-5F P4883-6E P4883-6F P4883-6J P4883-7A P4883-7E P4883-7F P4883-7J P4888 P4888-1 P4892 P4894 P4894-1A P4894-A P4899 P4899-1 P4899-1A P4899-A P5012 P5012-1 P5012-1A P5012-1B P5012-1C P5012-2 P5012-2A P5012-2B P5012-2C P5012-3 P5012-3A P5012-3B P5012-3C P5012-4 P5012-4D P5012-A P5012-B P5012-C P5015 P5021 P5021-1 P5021-2 P5021-3 P5021-4 P5021-4A P5028 P5028-1 P5028-2 P5033-1 P5035 P5035-1 P5035-A P5040 P5059 P5059-1 P5059-1A P5059-1B P5059-1C P5059-1D P5059-1G P5059-2 P5059-2A P5059-2B P5059-2C P5059-2D P5059-2G P5059-3 P5059-3A P5059-3B P5059-3C P5059-3D P5059-3G P5059-4 P5059-4A P5059-4C P5059-4D P5059-4G P5059-5 P5059-5A P5059-5C P5059-5D P5059-5G P5059-6 P5059-6A P5059-6B P5059-6C P5059-6D P5059-6G P5059-7 P5059-7A P5059-7B P5059-7C P5059-7D P5059-7G P5059-7M P5059-7N P5059-9N P5059-A P5059-B P5059-C P5059-D P5059-G P5060-1 P5060-1A P5060-3 P5060-3A P5060-4A P5060-4B P5062-4 P5064 P5066 P5066-1 P5066-2 P5067 P5067-1 P5067-1A P5067-2 P5067-2A P5067-3 P5067-3A P5067-4 P5067-4A P5067-5 P5067-5A P5067-6 P5067-6A P5067-7 P5067-7A P5067-A P5078 P5078-3 P5079 P5079-1 P5080 P5080-1 P5080-1A P5080-2 P5080-2A P5080-A P5084-1A P5084-2A P5084-2B P5084-3A P5084-3B P5084-4B P5084-4C P5084-4D P5084-A P5085-1B P5085-1C P5085-2B P5085-2C P5085-3B P5085-3C P5085-4C P5085-5B P5085-5C P5085-5D P5085-5E P5085-B P5085-C P5087 P5087-1 P5087-2 P5087-3 P5087-3A P5088 P5088-1 P5088-1A P5088-2 P5088-2A P5088-3 P5088-3A P5088-3B P5088-3C P5088-A P5096 P5096-1 P5096-1A P5096-A P5101 P5101-1 P5101-2 P5101-3 P5111-1 P5111-2 P5111-3 P5112-1 P5112-1A P5112-1B P5112-1C P5112-2 P5112-2A P5112-2B P5112-2C P5112-2E P5113-A P5114-A P5115-2A P5115-5A P5115-5AA P5117-1A P5117-2A P5117-4A P5117-4AA P5117-5A P5117-5AA P5117-A P5119-A P5127 P5127-1 P5127-2 P5127-3 P5127-3A P5128 P5128-1 P5128-2 P5128-3 P5128-4 P5128-4A P5129 P5129-1 P5129-2 P5129-3 P5129-3B P5130 P5130-1 P5130-2 P5130-3 P5130-4 P5130-4B P5133 P5133-1 P5133-2 P5133-3 P5142-2AA P5142-2CA P5142-4A P5142-4AA P5142-4CA P5142-5A P5142-5AA P5142-5G P5142-5GA P5142-A P5142-CA P5142-G P5160 P5161 P5162 P5162-1 P5167 P5176 P5176-1 P5184 P5184-1 P5184-1A P5184-1B P5184-1J P5184-2 P5184-2A P5184-3 P5184-A P5184-B P5184-C P5185 P5185-1 P5186 P5186-1 P5186-2 P5186-3 P5186-3A P5186-3B P5188 P5188-1 P5188-2 P5188-A P5201 P5201-1W P5201-2 P5206 P5206-1 P5211 P5211-1 P5212 P5212-1 P5213 P5213-1 P5213-1A P5213-2 P5213-2A P5213-2B P5213-2E P5213-2F P5213-3 P5213-4 P5213-5 P5213-A P5213-B P5213-C P5218 P5218-1 P5218-2 P5218-3 P5218-3A P5218-4A P5225-1 P5228 P5228-1 P5228-1A P5228-1B P5228-2 P5228-2A P5228-3 P5228-3A P5228-A P5228-B P5229 P5229-1 P5229-1A P5230 P5230-1 P5283 P5283-1 P5283-1A P5283-1B P5283-1C P5283-1D P5283-1E P5283-1F P5283-1G P5283-1H P5283-1J P5283-1K P5283-2F P5283-2G P5283-2H P5283-2J P5283-3F P5283-3G P5283-3H P5283-3J P5283-4H P5283-4J P5283-4K P5283-4L P5283-4M P5283-A P5305 P5305-1 P5305-1A P5305-2 P5305-2A P5305-3 P5305-3A P5305-3B P5305-3C P5305-5 P5305-5B P5305-5C P5305-5D P5305-5E P5305-5F P5305-A P5314 P5314-1 P5314-1A P5314-1B P5314-A P5316 P5317 P5317-1C P5317-C P5318 P5323-1A P5328-1 P5328-2 P5329 P5329-2 P5330-1A P5330-1X P5330-2A P5330-2X P5330-A P5337 P5337-1 P5337-1A P5337-A P5342 P5345 P5345-L P5350-1 P5375 P5375-A P5375-B P5377 P5377-2B P5377-2D P5377-2F P5378 P5379-1 P5380-1 P5382 P5382-1A P5382-2A P5382-A P5386 P5410-C P5417-A P5434 P5434-A P5434-B P5436 P5460 P5470 P5470-A P5470-B P5543 P5594 P5594-1 P5594-2 P5594-3 P5608 P5608-1 P5608-2 P5608-3 P5608-4 P5614 P5614-A P5614-B P5614-BX P5647 P5647-1 P5647-1A P5647-2 P5647-2A P5647-2B P5647-3 P5647-3A P5647-4 P5647-4A P5648 P5648-1 P5648-1A P5649 P5649-1 P5649-1A P5680 P5680-A P5681 P5681-A P5681-B P5686 P5686-1 P5686-2 P5706 P5706-1 P5707 P5707-1 P5708 P5708-A P5709 P5709-A P5729 P5730 P5730-1 P5731 P5731-1 P5732 P5732-1 P5733 P5733-1 P5735 P5735-1 P5736 P5736-1

Located in Altamonte Springs Central Florida


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